Chumash Play

In second grade foundational chumash skills are emphasized. Some of the skills covered are the structure of a pasuk, common shorashim, prefixes and suffixes. By the middle of the year students are prepared to learn from inside the Chumash. This milestone is marked by our annual Chumash Play. The second grade moros, together with our music teacher, run the program. It serves as both a siyum on the completion of Parshas Lech Lecha and the embarking upon a new level of Chumash learning.

Dressed in beautiful costumes, the play includes songs about Parshas Lech Lecha and more! Mothers, grandmothers and friends came to watch and then joined the students for cake and celebration. It is our goal to teach the girls that Torah is our instruction book for life. During the program, girls are called on to share lessons they took from Lech Lecha and Mrs. Turk, assistant principal, speaks to the girls about using their new Chumashim to continue to learn throughout their years in school as they look forward to additional siyumim together in upper Elementary School.