Bnos Yisroel provides ongoing professional development to our staff.  We welcomed back Mrs. Faigie Zelcer for a full morning of professional development to continue to understand and address the challenges in today’s society. Mrs. Zelcer shared inspiring stories and insights regarding the halachos and hashkafos of tznius. She described the difference between “ I am a body and I have a neshama” vs. an attitude of “I am a neshama and I have a body.” When girls are trained to tap into the internal then they experience life, the kedusha of a yom tov and friendships on a deeper level. They also develop greater self respect. This workshop was attended by our Limudei Kodesh teachers in Grades 1-12. The teachers enjoyed a light lunch as part of the program and animated conversation and questions could be overheard as the teachers considered the best way to implement these fundamental tznius concepts into their classrooms.