In Middle School our administration emphasizes the balance between responsibilities and privileges. A highlight of the Middle School year is the Shabbaton. This year’s theme was “Yesh Li Kol” Guest speakers, Rabbi Heber and Rabbi Berkowitz spoke to the girls. The goal was for the message of being happy with our chelek and using what we were given to serve Hashem to be internalized by our students. Each grade participated in the preparation for the event and attended part of the program. 6th graders attended the melave malka, 7th graders attended Shabbos lunch, by 8th grade, students are mature enough to spend an entire Shabbos together in school.

The Kedusha of Shabbos was felt in a new way during this gathering with a Kabbalas Shabbos led by beloved 8th grade teacher Morah Berkowitz and alumnae adding to the ruach. Throughout Shabbos there was special programming including workshops, dancing, meals and time with friends. In the weeks leading up to the Shabbaton there were a series of clubs including banner, grade presentations and cooking. All of the effort culminates in a feeling of ruach and camaraderie that carries over into their daily interactions.