12th Grade Shiras Devorah Trip

In March our 12th grade travelled to Lakewood with several chaperones and administrators to see the Holocaust Exhibit presented by Shiras Devorah High School. Taking visitors through the Eurpoean countries and towns, the concentration camps and then showing us the renewal and rebirth was an amazing experience. Mrs. Stengel, the Historia teacher, accompanied the students and her presence made the trip very meaningful for her students.

Weekly Yahadus lessons rotate presenters to help develop our students into well rounded Jewish women who will serve Hashem with simcha. 

Our seniors were already fortunate to hear from Mrs. Itzkowitz, Rabbi Diskind, Rabbi Goldberger, Mrs. Turk, Rabbi Heber, Rabbi Zweig, Rabbi Engelsberg, Rabbi Seideman, and Mrs. Masinter. They are looking forward to meeting with Rebbetzin Feldman in her home as well as other speakers as the year progresses. We hope that the many perspectives they gain from these presenters will stay with them for many years after their graduation!