Siddur Play

Bnos Yisroel incorporates an annual performance for each grade into the curriculum. In First grade we celebrate the Siddur Play. It is a culmination of the review of letters and nekudos. This milestone marks the time that students can begin to read tefillos from inside a siddur!

The First Grade Siddur play, led by our first grade moros and morah Suri Schwartz, our music teacher, is all about shevach, bakasha and hodaah. The principal, Mrs. Itzkowitz, explains to the students each year, “The siddur you receive at this play is the same siddur that you will use until you are bubbies. This is a lifetime accomplishment. You might have to wait until you are older to drive a car but you can daven from a siddur now as a six year old and Be’H for many years to come!” The event is attended by parents and grandparents who join in celebrating this milestone. In addition to the Siddur, each girl receives a special gift wrapped picture wearing her costume and holding a siddur. It is our goal that this event generates excitement to embark on their new journey of tefillah to Hashem.