Yemei Iyun

In the Middle School skills such as note taking and organization are emphasized as pre-teen students are older and ready for more independence and responsibility. At the same time, students enjoy an opportunity to learn solely for the sake of learning. The idea of a Middle School level Yom Iyun was developed over the past couple of years. The goal of each Yom Iyun is to explore a particular topic in depth while adding other dimensions such as a related song or activity to bring the learning home to each girl through a variety of modalities. 

Past Yemei Iyun have explored Chanuka related themes such as the Light of Torah and The Eternal Flame with Guest speakers such as Rabbi Pomerantz. This year, we began with an Elul Yom Iyun. 

In order to meet Covid 19 restrictions we hosted the Yom Iyun outdoors and some of our own talented staff members, Mrs. Ahuvah Heyman, Rabbi Dovid Lefkowitz and Mrs. Tamar Livingstone addressed the students on the topics of Teshuva, Tefilla and Tzedakah. We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Tamar Livingston, our student advocate to the Middle School team. She shared with the girls that healthy teshuva leads to personal growth rather than  unnecessary guilt. 

The speakers were followed by a hands on chocolate covered apple activity led by alumnus, Mrs. Aviva Kohn. The girls enjoyed dipping, decorating and eating the apples! IH there will be similar learning experiences on other topics later in the school year.