Mrs. Miriam Neuberger, head of our special programming shares, “At Bnos Yisroel chesed hours are not compulsory, however each year a majority of our students volunteer to join our Chesed program.This year we have 100 out of our 140 High School students participating!!”  

Together with the student heads, Breindel Katz, Leah Kleiner, Menucha Rooshanshad and Miriam Weststein, she encourages the students to get involved in a variety of chesed initiatives.

This year, in addition to home visits to help young families and helping with Menucha, an organization that runs special needs programming, students have the option to commit to an extra chesed to do within their own homes so that Covid 19 restrictions will not stop any student from participating. This month the girls who completed their commitments were treated to a warm bowl of soup. There will be ongoing treats, singing, and camaraderie that generate a positive attitude as evidenced by the high percentage of participation.