Generations Legacy & Endowments


To ensure that a Bnos Yisroel education is affordable and available to all and to enhance Bnos Yisroel’s excellence by retaining qualified teachers and enhancing the academic programming offered.


Retain Qualified Teachers

Providing faculty with a competitive compensation package and benefits will help strengthen our school and the academics we provide by allowing us to retain our best teachers and invest in their professional development.


Most parents are stretched beyond their ability to pay their tuition obligations. We strive to have sufficient scholarship funding to assist all parents who need help.

Academic Excellence

Bnos Yisroel always looks for ways to grow and improve. With additional funds, existing programs can be improved and new programs can be instituted to give the students the best education possible. Education needs to adapt to changing times and some of the known possibilities include hiring curriculum specialists, researching new ways of introducing technology into the classroom, providing professional development to our qualified educators and evaluating new and improved educational methodologies.

Create an Endowment Fund

Name a fund in honor of your family or loved ones. Special purpose funds may be designated to support a particular area of interest.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Amster at (443) 524-3200 x315 or email us.

Make a Planned Gift

Design a plan that maximizes benefits to you and your family while creating a permanent legacy at Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore. For more information, please contact Rabbi Amster at (443) 524-3200 x315 or email us.