Support & Sponsorships

General Support & Sponsorships

Enhance services, support special projects, or create new programs to benefit the students, staff, volunteers, and community. Attribution is listed on all named opportunities and program materials.

Annual Fund Support:

Bnos Builders - Monthly Support

Monthly support allows us to educate young women, regardless of their financial ability. It is a convenient and simple way to give to Bnos Yisroel all year long!

Monthly Contribution Options
Note (memory, honor, etc.)


Help a young lady with limited means find success with quality education in a warm and caring environment.

Agudah Scrips/Vouchers

Give these vouchers to Meshulachim, local organizations or place them in pushkas…instead of cash. Make year-end tax accounting easier and support Bnos Yisroel every time you give tzedakah.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Gitty Goldstein (443) 524-3200 ext 332 or email us at
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