Bnos Yisroel is constantly striving to encourage our girls to think carefully about their technology usage. Rachelli Feldman, Devorah Mandelcorn, Sara Steen and Aviva Thav are the current year iStrive heads. They work with Mrs. Malka Rena Heinemann, their advisor to to brainstorm practical ideas to help their schoolmates feel in control of their technology and screen time. Throughout the year students will make a commitment to work on a particular area of technology awareness. There is much variety so that each High School student can grow on her own level.

They will focus on some of the following challenges:
● Not using the phone/technology for a half hour before or after school
● Putting a daily limit on screen time
● Turning off the phone/technology at a certain time each night
● Choosing one app not to use each week
● Not using the phone as an alarm clock
● Limiting online shopping time
● Choosing one place daily not to use technology

Some of this year’s highlights will include:
✔Taking on a positive commitment to use technology for the good.
✔Kedushas Chanuka program- special commitments for the 8 days of Chanuka
✔We look forward to much personal growth throughout the year.