8th Grade Play: Operation R.E.S.C.U.E.
Although Bnos Yisroel is over 20 years old, we are committed to our mission of continuing to innovate new programming to enhance the social, emotional and academic growth of the students. This year we held our 2nd annual 8th grade play!

Our 8th graders worked hard to produce a play called Operation R.E.S.C.U.E. The script took the girls on a journey through the challenges of a class that mistakenly thought their school was closing down. The students of Bais Leah Fruma Ettel rallied together to try to raise funds to help their school. It wound to a humorous end when they discovered that the school was financially stable and they graciously donated the extra funds to a different school, Taleli Oros, that was indeed struggling!

Interspersed with the dramatic acting were a song dance, acting choir and dances led by Bnos Yisroel High School students. Our students were fortunate to learn their drama skills from Mrs. Sachs, a professional in this area. Together with several teachers, she helped the girls use this opportunity to develop their confidence, creativity and leadership skills. A parent shared “The play motivated my daughter to come to school excited each day, the excitement for the play spilled over into her success in all areas!”